Minetest Downloads:

This page makes Final Minetest source files and binaries available for download. To see what's new, visit the change-log at this link.

Full-size package with several worlds:

Link for 64-bit Linux: minetest-linux64.zip

Link for 64-bit Windows: minetest-win64.zip

Link for 64-bit OpenBSD 6.5: minetest-openbsd64.zip

Link for 32-bit Windows: minetest-win32.zip

Size: 100MB

This is the full-size standard version of Minetest. It includes Bucket Game, Bucket City, Moontest, Wonder World, the Bucket Schems, and a preloaded media cache.

If you need smaller versions, they're provided further down.

The OpenBSD copy might work only on OpenBSD 6.5. In the future, we'll try to support other OpenBSD releases and FreeBSD and NetBSD as well.

All four ZIP files include a Minetest client. The Linux and OpenBSD ZIP files include a server as well.

The Linux copy is is known to work in recent Debian and Fedora distros, including Ubuntu. Other recent distros may work as well.

MineClone2 (separate program):

Link for 64-bit Linux: mineclone2-linux64.zip

Link for 64-bit Windows: mineclone2-win64.zip

Link for 32-bit Windows: mineclone2-win32.zip

Size: 45MB

This is a separate Minetest program. It comes with MineClone2 for those who prefer a classic atmosphere. See screenshot below. There is no connection to any proprietary program or media.

Light copies of the standard package:

If you have limited bandwidth, you can also get the following light copies of Minetest:

Link for 64-bit Linux: minetest-small-linux64.zip

Link for 64-bit OpenBSD 6.5: minetest-small-openbsd64.zip

Link for 64-bit Windows: minetest-small-win64.zip

Link for 32-bit Windows: minetest-small-win32.zip

Size: 40MB to 50MB

These are smaller versions of the standard Minetest package that omit Bucket City, the Bucket Schems collection, and the preloaded cache.

Binaries for other OSes:

Link for Android: Minetest-0.4.16.apk
Size: 13MB

This is the Old MT 0.4.16 Android client. It should work with Final MT servers.

The server list is based on Old MT, so it doesn't show Final MT worlds. An updated client is under development.

Mac OS X: To support Mac OS X, we'd need somebody with Macs who could work with us on ports.

Note for developers:

A git repo is provided, but it only includes the core engine.

To get the patched Irrlicht, the new LuaJit, built-in LevelDB and Snappy support, Bucket Game, Bucket City, Wonder World, the schems collection, and other pieces, use the build kits below instead of the git repo.

These are rolling releases. The Linux build kit includes instructions for setting up git-pull updates of the core engine.

For setup instructions, visit the Program Setup and Bucket Game pages. You'll find more information about some mods on the Features page.

Important: If you're a developer, and you'd like to get the full set of speedups and features, use one of the build kits instead of the git repo.

You can still use the old core engine build procedure, but it doesn't include the patched Irrlicht, the enhanced LuaJit, or other add-ons.

Engine source code and build kits:

1. It's strongly recommended that you use the build kits to build everything, including bundled libraries. Don't simply build the engine. The build kits add performance and feature improvements.

2. To build, we recommend a 64-bit Linux distro, quad-core and/or 4x2 CPU threads, and 8GB of RAM.

However, a dual-core and/or 2x2 CPU threads configuration should work as long as nothing else is running during builds.

3. The Windows EXEs are built under Linux. Both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows are supported. You don't need Visual Studio or any Microsoft software. It's all right here.

Additonally, Final Minetest doesn't cheat with Windows builds as the Old Minetest “buildbot” scripts do.

The old “buildbot” scripts rely on prebuilt binaries that you can't build yourself. The Final MT build kit for Windows includes prebuilt binaries, but you don't need to use them. You can build everything from source.

Security-minded world hosts will therefore prefer Final MT for Windows.

4. It's important to remember to install dependencies. Sample commands that can be used to do this are included in the build-kit documentation files.

Link for Linux build kit: linux-minetest-kit.zip

Link for Windows cross-build kit: mxe-minetest.zip

Size: 300MB for the 1st kit and 700MB for the 2nd one

Both of these build kits run on 64-bit Linux systems. The 1st kit builds Minetest for 64-bit Linux. The 2nd kit cross-builds Minetest for 64-bit or 32-bit Windows.

These are 100% complete build kits. They include sources and build scripts for the engine, Irrlicht, LevelDB, LuaJit, LuaSocket, SQLite3, and even “gcc”.

You also get Bucket Game, Bucket City, Moontest, Wonder World, bundled schems, and a preloaded media cache.

For Linux build instructions, see the file linux-minetest-kit.txt included in the Linux kit. For Windows cross-build instructions, see the file mxe-minetest.txt included in the Windows kit.

File: minetest-newline.tar.bz2
Size: 10MB

This is the current core engine source tree.

This tarball copy omits the git history. If you'd like the git history, do a git clone as explained below.

Files: git repo
Size: 54MB

We recommend that people use the build kits and not the git repo to build. The build kits add a patched Irrlicht, an updated LuaJit, and other features.

To clone the git repo, execute these commands on a Linux system:

rm -fr minetest
git clone http://git.minetest.org/minetest/minetest.git

If you're not familiar with git, note that git is a program that you'll need to install from your distro's repos.

To scroll through the git history after you've done the git clone, proceed as follows:

cd minetest
git log | less

To visit the associated git host (CoderHost) on the Web, open this link in a web browser:


Git accounts, for the purposes of opening issues or submitting pull requests, are available on request. For details, email:



File: bucket-schems.zip
Size: 1.5 MB

This ZIP file contains the Bucket City schem collection, including the highest-quality free Angkor Wat model believed to be available.

In some cases, the schems include meta. Meta-bearing schems aren't supported well by Old Minetest, but they'll work if you're running Final Minetest. They may also work with Old Minetest if you follow the relevant instructions on our CoderEdit webpage.

The contents of this file are included, unpacked, in Bucket City's “schems” directory.

For more information about the Bucket City schem collection, visit:


For more information about the Angkor Wat schem in particular, visit:


Games and Worlds:

File: Bucket_Game.zip
Size: 25 MB

This is a copy of Bucket Game, including the top-level directory (the one which contains the “menu” and “mods”directories).

This file is included in the build kits.

File: Bucket_City.tar.bz2
Size: 25 MB

This is Bucket City, stored using the MT offline world directory tree structure.

This file is included in the build kits.

File: Wonder_World.tar.bz2
Size: 2.5 MB

This is Wonder World, stored using the MT offline world directory tree structure.

This file is included in the build kits.

Other files:

File: ircpack.zip
Size: 35KB

This is a modpack which includes the Final MT version of the two standard MT IRC mods. The Final MT version makes two changes:

* It fixes a problem with colors
* It adds the ability to disable chat between worlds

ircpack isn't part of Bucket Game because it requires Internet and an IRC server. However, it can be added to the Bucket Game tree on Linux Minetest servers.

File: minetest-
Size: 8MB

Source code for the most recent (and probably final) Minetest 0.4.17.X core engine. You'd only use this tarball if you needed to run a 0.4.17.X world and wanted to avoid terrain breaks.

Instructions for using this tarball in Final Minetest will be added at a later date.

File: linux-minetest-kit.txt
Size: Small

Linux build instructions from the Linux build kit.

File: mxe-minetest.txt
Size: Small

Windows build instructions from the Windows build kit. Note: It's a cross-build kit that runs under Linux as opposed to Windows.

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